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3 Fun Wordsmith Techniques for Copywriters

Informal, conversational-style literary techniques to have fun with!

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Writing in an informal, conversational style means breaking the rules!

A copywriter has to wear many hats - business and technical writing, guest blogs in a brand's voice, crafting resumes...important and necessary, but not exactly creative nor fun. However, the chance to write in an informal, more conversational style and tone - blogs or social media posts - allows the copywriter to unshackle from the cuffs of AP and Chicago rules and the expected grammar etiquette we are known for. It's a welcome opportunity to break a few grammatical rules!

Here are 3 examples of literary techniques to have a little fun with!

1. Drop the "G"

Definition: Remove the terminal "g" from a word that ends in "-ing".

Example: One of the most famous and memorable lines in advertising has to be from KFC - "It's finger-lickin' good!"

2. Invent a Word

Definition: Exactly what it sounds like - you get to make-up a word or choose a trending made-up word that will resonate with your target audience.

Example: Whether you like the term or it makes you cringe, manscaping has become part of our vernacular.

3. Malapropism

Definition: Use of an incorrect word (whether on purpose or by accident) because it sounds like the correct word. The effect is nonsensical humor.

Example: The nominee got a lot of electrical votes. (electoral)

Fun Fact: Malapropism is also referred to as Dogberryism. (Feel free to thank me when you whip that one out at Trivial Pursuit!)

The next post in this series will provide 3 more techniques to try. Let's keep the creative juices flowing!

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