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Advanced Wordsmith Techniques for Copywriters

Tools every copywriter should have in their wordsmith toolbox

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Wordsmith Techniques for Copywriters
Looking for unique ways to say what everyone else is saying?


Try using one or more of these literary techniques to generate new ideas and raise the creativity bar in your content writing. Each post in this series will highlight three examples of advanced wordsmithing. Let's dig in!

1. Anadiplosis

Definition: Repeating a word at the end of a clause and then using that same word at the beginning of the next clause.

Example: When he lost, he lost big time.

2. Colloquialism

Definition: Use of vernacular words or phrases, informal; local or regional expressions.

Example: Ah, you figured it out, buddy!

3. Hypophora

Definition: Ask and then provide the answer to a question.

Example: Will buying this coat be life-changing? No. Will it keep you toasty warm on winter days? You bet!

Using these techniques will open the door, or at least a window, to creative thinking when writing ad copy or content that needs a little kick. The next post in this series will introduce three more gems to consider adding to your wordsmith toolbox.